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Pulp Capping

Beneath the enamel and dentin are the softer tissues of the tooth, the nerves, blood vessels and other tissues known as the pulp. When decay or injury breaks or weakens the outer layers in a way that exposes or nearly exposes the pulp, this can leave the tooth more susceptible to oversensitivity, toothache and even infection. This situation requires prompt attention from our dentist to keep the tooth from dying or spreading infection to the rest of the mouth.

When the pulp is in this precarious condition, our dentist, Dr. Juhee Park can treat the problem with pulp capping. Pulp capping can protect the weakened tooth from further damage by putting a restoration at the problem area.

There are two different ways a pulp cap can be used: direct pulp caps and indirect pulp caps. A direct pulp cap is typically used on adult permanent teeth when the damage has exposed the pulp, or when any removal of decay would involve exposing the pulp. An indirect pulp cap is more often used on children’s teeth when removing decay gets close to exposing the pulp without actually doing so. For patients with tooth damage who think they might need pulp capping in Buena Park, California, please call PR Dental Center at our office today for more information.

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